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                                                                 County mulch alert!
HAL first discovered LFA at the county mulch facility a few years ago and we also confirmed that LFA can survive the mulching process.  This validated what many people told us anecdotally that the mulch they used was infested.  The County of Hawai`i, spear-headed by councilmember Onishi and the Department of Environmental Management developed a new green-waste contract that included a risk minimization system designed to prevent invasive pests and other plant diseases from contaminating this mulch.  Well, Hawai`i Earth Products (who were awarded the contract) have implemented the new system with fantastic results.  First, the entire site is treated to remove resident colonies and the mulch is heated to a temperature high enough to kill all pathogens, insects and frogs.  HAL surveys the sites regularly and at the last survey only 1 LFA was detected!  No-one can absolutely guarantee ant-free mulch but in our opinion, the new county mulch is as safe as it can be.  read more here.