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a repository of information about invasive ants
The Hawai`i Ant Lab is a project of the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawai`i at Manoa.  HAL was founded in 2009 by Dr Casper Vanderwoude, a researcher and practioner devoted to increasing knowledge about invasive ant biology, management and eradication.

Over the years, HAL has grown to include a research specialist, an extension specialist, support technician and research assistants.  Together, we tackle the invasive ant issues faced by Hawai`i; especially those related to Little Fire Ants.  On the Big Island, we help affected residents and businesses by developing practical and safe management practices designed to control LFA at a managable lkevel. On neighbor islands, we respond to new detections and attempt to eradicate these before they spread. 

HAL does not receive ongoing funding from the university or governments.  All funding is provided through short term discretionary and competitive grants.  Our current major funding partners are the Hawai`i Invasive Species Council and the Hawai`i Department of Agriculture, both providing funds on a year-to-year basis.

All gifts and donations go into a UH Foundation account where they will be used to support our research, extension and outreach program as needed.  You can donate as little as $10 here

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